LS03MR | xtra Compact Tactical Laser Sight Red Laser Pointer Tape Switch Rat-tail Controller

Tacband LS03MR Super Mini Laser Sight for Airsoft is a handy laser pointer for tactical and airsoft application. Crafted from aviation grade aluminum, the mini laser sight weighs less than 65g that add virtually no weights to your weapon. It also comes with a rat-tail controller (tape switch) that adds versatility for either handgun or long gun usage.

* Built with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy in super compact design
* Ultra light-weight of less than 65g, Length: 47mm
* 650nm RED Laser,  Power: ≤5mw 
* Comes with tape switch
* IPx4 Water Resistant
* Tactical Runtime: 6 hours
* Power by 1x 1/3CR123 battery

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